For Heidi
Heidi's Story
Heidi Comes Home
Sometime in 1989 - April 2, 2003

This is a small tribute to my miniature schnauzer, Heidi.  I rescued her from an abusive home on Valentine's day in 1991. Because of old age, I had to end her life on April 2, 2003.
I will miss my sweet friend forever.

I never got too many pictures of Heidi. She was afraid of the camera flash.  I have a few videos where she wanders in and out of the room.  But I do have my memories!
I received this from a dear friend this week.  Someone had given it to her after her Yorkie died.  Thank you, Elaine!
Memories of Heidi
Gone are the clear eyes
 reflecting scenes of
unending devotion and loyalty.
Gone are the frantic
 scampering within the
boarders of my world.
Gone is the soft warm touch
 assuring me of constant
companionship and unconditional love.
But never gone are the memories
of love, of life, of loyalty.
These remain as cherished gifts forever.

My grandson and Heidi 1/2003